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A keen grasp of business law is the perfect complement to a commercial real estate and secured lending practice.  The firm has formed and represents for-profit stock companies and limited liability companies, non-profit member organizations, religious and charitable institutions, educational foundations, and community improvement districts (CID).  We also represent local municipalities and quasi-governmental development authorities.

Andrew’s familiarity and understanding is a valuable asset to draw upon when organizing various limited liability companies, corporations, professional corporations, and partnerships, and advising clients in the management and operation of these entities.  Matters frequently discussed in addition to the customary documentation when organizing a business entity are management restrictions and agreements, shareholder or member restrictions on interest disposition, distribution formulas, single-purpose entity and bankruptcy provisions.  This aptitude and attention to detail also benefits clients in the merger or purchase and sale of an entire organization or certain of its assets.

The firm is proficient at drafting and review contracts for services, professional services, product manufacture, supplies, distribution, license, employment, agency, independent contractor, maintenance, development, construction, property management, finance, confidentiality, non-compete, and non-disclosure.


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